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Swirl Killer Polisher Kit by Adam's Polishes

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  • Polisher features a comfortable and ergonomic design that allows for smooth operation with low vibration and a 25-foot-long cord
  • The included 5.5-Inch Blue Microfiber Cutting Pad helps cut through moderate to heavy swirl marks when used with Adam's Polishes compound
  • The included 5.5-Inch Blue Foam Compound Pad features thick, closed-cell foam for strong cutting action when used with Adam's Polishes compound
  • The included 5.5-Inch White Foam Polishing Pad features a flat face for increased surface area and heat dispersion when used with Adam's Polishes polish
  • The included Pad Conditioning Brush helps to save time by cleaning polishing pads in mid-detail
  • The included Swirl Finder Flashlight provides 160 lumens to help spot stubborn swirls on your vehicle
  • Kit includes 1 15mm Swirl Killer Polisher, 1 Blue Microfiber Cutting Pad, 1 Blue Foam Compound Pad, 1 White Foam Polishing Pad, 1 Pad Conditioning Brush and 1 Swirl Finder Flashlight. Additional Blue Microfiber Cutting Pads, Blue Foam Compound Pads and White Foam Polishing Pads are available separately. Polishing compound is required and sold separately.
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