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Graphene Ceramic Coating Kit by Adam's Polishes

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  • The included Adam’s Polishes Graphene Ceramic Coating offers a verified greater than 10H hardness coating that is scratch and stain resistant with long-lasting hydrophobic effects
  • The included Adam’s Polishes Coating Prep helps remove any existing debris and residue left behind after polishing
  • The included Adam’s Polishes Applicator is a soft sponge for applying graphene ceramic coatings
  • The included Adam’s Polishes Single Soft Towels are made of premium microfiber for delicate cleaning
  • The included Adam’s Polishes Suede Removal Towels are designed for precision removal of graphene ceramic coating
  • The included Adam’s Polishes Gloves are one-time-use gloves for applying graphene ceramic coating
  • The included UV Flashlight helps expose where coating has been applied for maximum coverage
  • Professional application recommended; product refills, additional applicators, gloves and towels sold separately
  • Kit includes 2-oz Graphene Ceramic Coating, 4-oz Coating Prep Spray, 4-oz Ceramic Boost Spray, two Applicators, two Single Soft Towels, two Suede Removal Towels, one pair of one-time-use Gloves and one UV Flashlight
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