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Dometic CFX3-100 Powered Cooler - Associated Accessories

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  • Designed for maximized internal capacity and optimal storage organization with removable and rearrangeable wire basket and divider
  • Powerful VMSO3-controlled Dometic ACV20/25DC reciprocating compressor enables refrigeration and deep-freezing down to -7°F with efficient power consumption
  • Three-Stage Battery Protection System automatically shuts the unit off to prevent a dead car battery, or allows a deep draw on dual batteries
  • CFX3 app allows temperature control, active diagnostic tools and performance monitoring
  • Keeps food and drink fresh or frozen with fully wrapped evaporator plate
  • Active Gasket Technology with 20mm EPDM seal and anti-condensation coil to seal in the cold
  • Weatherproof High-Resolution Color Display for easy use in any condition
  • Can be powered by AC (110-240), DC (12/24 V) and DC solar power
  • An available external PLB40 Lithium battery (sold separately) offers lightweight and compact design to enjoy travel off-grid for longer
  • Measures 20.87” D x 18.58” H x 37.87” W with a generous storage capacity of 100 liters to fit 153 12-oz. cans
  • Pricing does not include installation or shipping